About Arriba Documentation

These wikidot topics provide basic information about Arriba, the Eclipse-based development tool from Viosoft Corporation.

It is intended for the embedded real-time software developer using the C or C++ programming language. The developer should be familiar with standard embedded development practices and the C programming language.


  • Introduction to Arriba: Provides a basic overview of Arriba and how it fits in the development process.
  • Installation of Arriba: Provides the basic steps to install and use Arriba.
  • A Simple Example Project: Illustrates the opening, building and running of a small example system.
  • Shortcut Keys and Icons: Describes available shortcut keys and icons.

Topic Conventions

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Customer Support Center

For the latest product information, visit the Viosoft Corporation web site and select the “Support” menu option to find the latest online support information, including information about the latest Arriba product releases.

In addition to these topics, there is an Arriba User Guide include with the product and online help available from the “Help -> Help Contents” menu item.

Also, there are general Eclipse information resources available from within Arriba. These can be found by selecting the “Help -> Help Contents” menu item. The Workbench User Guide provides a more general overview of the Eclipse while the C/C++ Development User Guide provides an overview of the C/C++ flavor of Eclipse. Since Arriba is based on Eclipse / CDT, both documents are pertinent. However, Viosoft Corporation has made a variety of enhancements that are documented only in its Arriba documentation.

What We Need From You

When contacting Viosoft Corporation for support, please supply us with the following information in an e-mail message so we can more efficiently resolve your support request:

  1. A detailed description of the problem, including frequency of occurrence and how it can be reliably reproduced.
  2. Attach the project and/or files that cause the problem.
  3. The version of Arriba that you are using is readily available on the top line of the IDE, as follows:
  4. More detailed version information can be obtained by selecting the “Help -> About Arriba”, as follows:

This will yield a screen with the necessary version information.

Where to Send Comments About These Topics

The staff at Viosoft Corporation is always striving to provide you with better products. To help us achieve this goal, e-mail any comments and suggestions to the Customer Support Center at:


Enter “Arriba User Guide” in the subject line.

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