Install the Arriba Plugin

Arriba Plug-In Edition is designed to plug into an existing Eclipse installation. It uses Arriba Connect to provide the appropriate (Windows, Linux, Mac) platform support. The Plug-In Edition provides access to the full support of Arriba if a valid license code is entered; otherwise defaults to the free support of Arriba. To access full support, purchase a license from microchipDIRECT.

Make sure that you have a version of Eclipse Juno or higher installed first.


Download the Arriba Plugin

The Arriba plug-in for Eclipse may be downloaded from the following links. It will default to the free support level. For full support, a license may be purchased from microchipDIRECT.

Tool About Installers
Windows Linux Mac OSX
Arriba Plug-in
For the Eclipse IDE


Install Plugin

  • Start Eclipse
  • From the main menu in Eclipse, select Help ▶ Install New Software…
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Add Repository

From the Install Dialog, click on “Add…” to bring up the Add Repository Dialog

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Open Archive

  • From the Add Repository Dialog, click on “Archive…” to bring up the file browser.
  • Browse to the location where you downloaded the plugin in step 1 and select it.
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Locate Downloaded Plugin

  • You should see the full path of the plugin specified in the “Location” entry.
  • Click OK.
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Available Software

  • At this time, you should see the entry for Arriba Embedded Development Tools shown in the Install Dialog.
  • Select “Arriba for Microchip MCUs” (If necessary, uncheck “Group items by category” if you don’t see the Arriba selection).
  • Click “Next >” to proceed.
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Install Details

  • View installation details
  • Click “Next >” to proceed
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License Agreement

  • Check on the selection to accept the terms of the license agreement
  • Click “Next >” to proceed
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Security Warning

  • Ignore the benign warning about installation of unsigned content
  • Click “OK” to proceed
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Software Updates

  • Eclipse will request a restart for changes to take effect
  • Click “Yes” to do so

Congratulations, you have successfully installed the Arriba Plugin. The next step is to install Arriba Connect.

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Download Arriba Connect

Tool About Installers
Windows Linux Mac OSX
Arriba Connect ™
Tool Integration Service
  • Exit from Eclipse
  • Download the Arriba Connect package specific to your host Operating System

Arriba requires that you install Arriba Connect in your Eclipse top level directory for proper operation. Failure to do so will show the message below at startup of your Eclipse IDE.



Unzip / Untar Archive

Linux and Mac OS
Untar the Arriba Connect image from your top-level Eclipse install directory as follows:

% cd <eclipse directory>
% tar xvzf arriba-connect-<host>.tgz

Unzip the Arriba Connect zip file image in your top-level Eclipse install directory


Start Eclipse

  • Start Eclipse
  • You should see the Arriba Connect active indicator at the lower-left corner of your Eclipse IDE
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License Key

When running Arriba for the first time, you will be asked to enter an activation/license key. Then do one of the following:

  • To activate the Enterprise Edition enter the key obtained from MicrochipDIRECT then click on “OK
  • To activate the Community Edition click on “Cancel
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