Installation of Arriba

This chapter contains a description of various issues related to installation and setup of the Arriba development tool.

Product Distribution

Arriba is delivered as an executable, self-installing image, or as an Eclipse plugin. The Arriba package also contains example pre-built project source code that should serve as a good starting point for new Arriba users.

The release notes associated with each new Arriba release can be found in the file readme.txt. Please review this file to see what has changed between successive Arriba releases.

Arriba Installation Directory

We recommend that Arriba be installed in the default directory, which varies depending on the host computer Operating System. On Windows, Arriba is installed under:

c:\Program Files\Arriba4PIC

Subsequent versions of Arriba will install in a version specific directory as well—allowing multiple versions of Arriba to co-exist on the host platform.

Arriba Install Flow

Arriba utilizes izPack for installing Arriba on the host machine. To install Arriba, run the executable installer, either from the command line, or by double-clicking on it from the desktop. The main Arriba installer screen is shown in Step 1:


Main Installer Screen

Select the “Next” button to proceed with the installation.

Click image to enlarge.


Arriba Release Notes

Please read over to verify if the contents meet your expectation, and select the “Next” to proceed.

Click image to enlarge.


Arriba License Agreement

Review this agreement carefully, select “I accept the terms of this license agreement” and “Next” to continue or “Quit” to exit.

Click image to enlarge.


Package Selection

Arriba presents the packages to install. It is recommended that you simply select “Next” to proceed.

Click image to enlarge.


Installation Path Selection

Arriba installer presents the installation path. You can choose to keep the recommended installation path, or enter an alternative. Select “Next” to continue.

If Arriba has previously been installed in the selected path, you will be asked whether or not to overwrite the existing installation as shown below. It is strongly recommended that you select an alternate path in this case.

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Summary of Packages for Installation

The Arriba installer presents a summary of packages to be installed. Simply select “Next” to proceed.

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Copying of Packages into Installation Directory

Arriba begins to copy the selected packages into the installation directory.

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Installation Finished

After all the Arriba files have been copied, one final dialog is presented. Simply select the “Finish” button to complete the installation of Arriba. You are now ready to use Arriba for PIC MCUs!

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