Introduction to MPLAB® Harmony (PDF-based with Labs)

This training provides a basic understanding of the MPLAB® Harmony Integrated Software Framework. It includes hands-on labs that will show you how to use the Harmony Framework with the MPLAB® Harmony Configurator (MHC) graphical user interface. It will also provide an overview of some third-party Harmony ecosystem solutions.

All labs use the MPLAB® Harmony Configurator (MHC) to perform the following:

  • Lab 1a: Create a Harmony project to blink an LED once a second.
  • Lab 1b: Add to lab 1a by sending a single character over the UART when the LED turns on.
  • Lab 2a: Add graphics to lab 1b by displaying the state of the LED.
  • Lab 2b: Add USB Host Mass Storage Device (MSD) and file system to lab 2a to read a USB memory stick.
  • Lab 3 Demo: It's likely you won't have the hardware for this, but you will be able to see how a Harmony project can be quickly migrated to a different PIC32 hardware platform.
  • Lab 4: Use an RTOS with the MPLAB® Harmony framework.

Harmony Training Slides

Harmony Training Lab Manual

Harmony Training Lab Files


Hardware Tools

Tool About Purchase
PIC32 Multimedia Expansion Board II
For PIC32 Starter Kits
PIC32MZ Embedded Connectivity with FPU
Starter Kit

For a low-cost alternative to the hardware required for these labs, please see this page:
Low-cost Hardware Labs >.

If you are using one of the PIC32MZ starter kits be aware: there are two different PIC32MZ EC Starter Kits. Demonstration application projects that come with Harmony will use one or the other starter kit. You may need to change the device number associated with the demo project to make it work for the starter kit you have.

  • PIC32MZ Embedded Connectivity with FPU (EF) Starter Kit uses PIC32MZ2048EFH144
  • PIC32MZ Embedded Connectivity with FPU (EF) Starter Kit with Crypto Engine uses PIC32MZ2048EFM144

Software Tools

Tool About Installers
Windows Linux Mac OSX
Integrated Development Environment
C/C++ Compiler
MPLAB® Harmony 1.xx
Integrated Software Framework
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