MPLAB® X IDE Installation

Installing MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and its compilers is as easy as any computer application. MPLAB X IDE and the MPLAB XC Compilers are each installed separately and each has an installer application you can download and launch. MPLAB X IDE and MPLAB XC Compilers install and run on the following computing platforms:

  • Windows®
  • OS/X®
  • Linux®

Installing MPLAB X IDE


Navigate to the MPLAB® X home page and scroll down to the 'Downloads' tab, where you can download an installer and the release notes/user guide for your specific platform.



After downloading, run the installer, and follow the instructions on the installer dialogs.


For specific installation instructions, refer to the "MPLAB® X IDE Release Notes / User Guide vX.XX" .

What components are installed?

MPLAB X IDE will install with the following features that are built into the application:

  • A full-featured programmer’s text editor
  • A project manager (visible as the Projects window).
  • An assembler for Assembly Language Programming
  • A debugger engine that provides breakpoints, single stepping, Watches windows and all the features of a modern debugger
  • A software simulator for all PIC MCU and dsPIC DSC devices
  • USB Drivers for all supported programmers and in-circuit debuggers

Installing MPLAB® XC Compilers


Navigate to the "MPLAB XC Compilers" home page, then scroll down to the 'Downloads' tab, where you can select and download the XC Compilers installer for your operating system. You can install all versions of the XC compiler (XC8, XC16, and XC32) so you can be ready to develop for any Microchip MCU:


AVR and SAM Device Support
XC8 support for AVR MCUs and XC32 support for SAM MCUs is in development and new devices are added with every release of MPLAB X and XC Compiler version.


After downloading, run each installer, and follow the installer dialogs to install each XC Compiler separately. The recommended installation choice for this training is the "Free" mode. Simply click through and accept all default settings.


The next time MPLAB X IDE is started, it will scan and locate all the newly installed XC compilers.

MPLAB X IDE and its XC Compilers are now installed and ready to use!

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