System Requirements

64-bit Windows is required for reasonable performance using MPLAB® X IDE. MPLAB X IDE can run on a 32-bit Windows installation, but you will likely experience very poor performance. We strongly encourage you to update your operation system to 64-bit Windows prior to installing MPLAB X IDE –> Continue (MPLAB X IDE may perform slowly) or Exit (I’ll be upgrading to 64-bit Windows).

To improve speed on Windows 32-bit computers, see: MPLAB® X IDE JVM Configuration Options.

Minimum Configuration (32 bit)

Using this configuration may result in hardware tool performance that is not acceptable to some developers. If so, please use the “Recommended Configuration”.

Platform Processor Memory Disk Space
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional/ Windows 8 Professional/ Windows 10 Professional 2.6 GHz Intel® Pentium® IV or equivalent 1 GB 1 GB
Linux Ubuntu® 9.10 2.6 GHz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent 1 GB 1 GB
Macintosh OS® X 10.7.3 Intel® Core™ Duo or Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GB 1 GB

Recommended Configuration (64 bit)

Platform Processor Memory Disk Space
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional/ Windows 8 Professional/ Windows 10 Professional Intel Core i5 or equivalent 4 GB 1.5 GB
Linux Ubuntu 15.04 Intel Core i5 or equivalent 4 GB 1.5 GB
Macintosh OS X 10.10 Intel Core Duo or Intel Core 2 Duo 4 GB 1.5 GB

Other Configurations

  • MPLAB® X IDE may run on the various other Linux® distributions. Microchip employees have used it successfully with Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, OpenSuse, and Fedora. Users of 64-bit distributions might need to install additional libraries.
  • MPLAB X IDE is no longer supported on Windows XP. This means MPLAB X IDE will no longer be tested on Windows XP and JRE8 will be the new default JRE. To continue using Windows XP, JRE 7 will need to be installed. The MPLAB X IDE installer will search for JRE 7 on your system, and if it is not found will recommend sites for download.
  • Some older CPUs (for example an AMD Athlon XP) may be incompatible with recent versions of Java. If you are experiencing crashes and you are running on old hardware, you may want to replace the version of Java installed with MPLAB X IDE with an older one. However, this should only be attempted as a last resort as we only test MPLAB X IDE with the version of Java that is included by the installer.

Unsupported Configurations

MPLAB X IDE does not support Virtual Machines.

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