This new addition to the site will present application note-like projects that showcase features of our products and provide a platform for experimentation and modification for your own projects.

As projects are added to this section, they will appear in the menu to the left, below the 'Get Started Here' link.

There are numerous smaller scale projects that focus on a single element of a larger project, such as configuring and using an A/D converter. These can be found under the 'Projects and Examples' of the 'Get Started Here' pages of relevant categories within the site.

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 Projects and Examples

The list below includes projects, examples, and hands-on exercises from other sections of the site. The items on the side menu are typically more sophisticated, complete applications.

Getting Started with Harmony v3 Peripheral Libraries on SAMC2x MCUs
16-bit Digital Input
16-bit Digital Output Example
SAM C21 SERCOM SPI Slave Example Project
SAM C21 Sigma-Delta ADC Example Project
SAM C21 SysTick Example Project
SAM D21 SERCOM SPI Master Example Project
SAM D21 SERCOM I²C Slave Example Project
Implementing a Bootloader on the SAM D21 MCU
SAM D21 NVIC Example Project
Atmel START: Using the SAM E54 Event System with RTC, ADC, USART and DMA - Overview
Using Atmel START with the SAM D21 MCU UART
Using Atmel START with the SAM D21 MCU ADC and I²C
Atmel START: Introduction Videos with SAM L21 Project Development and Debug
SAM D21 SysTick Example Project
SAM D21 DFLL48M 48 MHz Initialization Example
Color Sensing in Embedded Applications
Harmony USB Audio Speaker (with RTOS) Tutorial
MPLAB® Harmony v2.xx Graphics Library Training
Creating Advanced Applications using MPLAB® Harmony
Creating Simple Applications using MPLAB® Harmony
MPLAB® Harmony v2 Live Photoframe Tutorial
Creating a Harmony BSP for Your Custom Hardware
SEGGER emWin Audio Player Tutorial
MPLAB® Harmony Web Photo Frame Tutorial
Harmony Voice Recorder/Player Tutorial
Harmony USB Flash Drive Audio Player Tutorial
LED Blink Using CLC JK FlipFlop
Harmony USB Audio Speaker Tutorial
Harmony SD card Audio Player/Reader Tutorial
JavaScript Oscilloscope with MPLAB® Harmony v2
BM71 Stopwatch Demo
BM71 GAP Peripheral Demo (Making Connections)
Connecting to a Peer BM70
BM71 Transparent UART Demo (CoolTerm)
BM71 Static Configuration (UI Configuration Tool)
BM71 Transparent UART Demo (Auto Pattern Tool)
BM71 Firmware Update
BM70 Stopwatch Demo
BM70 Transparent UART Demo (Tera Term)
BM70 Transparent UART Demo (Auto Pattern Tool)
8-Bit Using MPLAB® XC8 Built-In Delay
8-Bit Timer0 Delay Using Polling
8-Bit Timer0 Delay Using Interrupt
8-Bit Pulse Width Modulation
Controlling an Analog Servo
ADC Project Using chipKIT™ Wi-FIRE
BM70 GAP Peripheral Demo (Making Connections)
8-Bit Digital Input
8-Bit Digital Output
BM70 GATT Server Demo (Public Service)
8-Bit Analog Input Project
BM70 Static Configuration (UI Configuration Tool)
ADC Project Using chipKIT™ WF32
BM70 Firmware Update
USART Serial Communication
Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)
Timer System Service Example Using chipKIT™ Wi-FIRE
Timer System Service Example Using PIC32MZ EF Starter Kit
RN4020 Smartphone Basic Demo
RN4020 Device Firmware Update (OTA)
RN4020 Device Firmware Update (UART)
Explore Command Mode
Hello World - Light an LED
Serial Communication MPLAB® Xpress
AN2039 - Four-Channel PIC16F1XXX Based Power Sequencer
USART Static Driver Example Using chipKIT™ WF32
USART Dynamic Driver Project Using chipKIT™ WF32
Timer System Service Example Using chipKIT™ WF32
Timer Static Driver Project Using chipKIT™ WF32
Ports Project Using chipKIT™ Wi-FIRE
Ports Project Using chipKIT™ WF32
MPLAB® Harmony TCP/IP Stack Training
MPLAB® Harmony v1.xx Graphics Library Training
Creating a TCPIP Project From Scratch using MHC
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