Guide to Interpreting CC Calibration Value

This page provides information on computing sensor capacitance values using the Compensation Capacitor (CC) value. The CC value is also called the CC calibration value as it is computed during the calibration phase. The CC value of each touch button can be obtained as follows:

uint16_t cc_value = ptc_qtlib_node_stat1[SENSOR_NUMBER].node_comp_caps;

The unsigned 16-bit CC values are stored as node_comp_caps in Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC) CC register format.

PTC CC Register Format

Depending on the device, the CC register format changes.


ATtiny81x/ATtiny161x/ATtiny321x - Self-Capacitance
ATtiny81x/ATtiny161x/ATtiny321x - Mutual Capacitance

CC Register Bit Values

Coarse/Fine/Accurate Bit Values

Rough Bit Values
Rough Addition Bit Values (Applicable only for ATtiny Self-cap)

Computing Sensor Capacitance

SAMD20/SAMD21/SAMDA1/SAMD10/SAMD11, ATmega328PB/ATmega324PB, SAML21/SAML22/SAMC20/SAMC21/SAMHA1 Devices

  • Read CC value in decimal: 11639
  • Read CC value in hexadecimal: 0x2D77
  • Substitute the rough, coarse, fine, and accurate values from the table.
    • Rough = 13.5
    • Coarse = 8.775
    • Fine = 0.4725
    • Accurate = 0.04725

Sensor Capacitance (pF) = Rough + Coarse + Fine + Accurate = 22.79 pF (maximum 32 pF)

ATtiny81x/ATtiny161x/ATtiny321x - Self-Capacitance

  • Read CC value in decimal: 46967
  • Read CC value in hexadecimal: 0xB777
  • Substitute the rough, coarse, fine, and accurate values from the table.
    • Rough Addition = 12.4
    • Rough = 13.5
    • Coarse = 4.725
    • Fine = 0.4725
    • Accurate = 0.04725

Sensor Capacitance (pF) = Rough + Coarse + Fine + Accurate = 31.09 pF (maximum 51 pF)


Sensor Capacitance value = (CC value + 1) * 0.03125
Mutual Capacitance
Sensor Capacitance value = (CC value + 1) * 0.03125 * 2

SAME54/SAME53/SAME51/SAMD51/SAML10/SAML11 - Maximum Sensor Capacitance

Here, the internal compensation capacitance can compensate twice the sensor capacitance.
The maximum supported sensor capacitance is twice the maximum compensation capacitance value (2 * 32 pF).
So, if computed capacitance from CC is 10 pF, then actual sensor capacitance is 20 pF.

Mutual Capacitance
The maximum sensor capacitance is the same as the maximum compensation capacitance value, which is 32 pF.

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